What has been done so far


  • June 2020
  • February 2020
    • Submission to the pre-budget consultation for the 2020 Ontario budget
    • The submission asks the minister of finance to abandon the proposed change and retain the current definition of disability under ODSP based on evidence supporting the following:
      • The justification for redefining disability is weak
      • Operationalized federal definitions of disability are flawed and under review
      • The costs associated with shifting to the new definition are high
      • Any fiscal benefits of shifting to the new definition are offset significantly by those high costs
      • Provincial objectives including reducing hallway healthcare are undermined by this policy change
      • The impact on the wellbeing of vulnerable people will be negative and, in many cases, severely so.
  • January 23, 2020
  • January 22, 2020
    • Hamilton City Council unanimously voted for the following motion to send a letter to the Ontario Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO), and to the Mayors of other comparable-sized cities in Ontario respecting the following: 
      • Reversing budget cuts made and planned for the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
      • Maintaining the current Ontario Disability Support Program definition of disability
      • Increasing social assistance rates
      • Respecting the rights of people living with disability to participate in decisions affecting them by creating a meaningful process of co- reviewing and co-designing programs of social assistance and adjudication processes


2018 – The Problem

“[A]ligning Ontario’s new definition of ‘disability’ more closely with federal government guidelines.”

– Backgrounder: Reforming Social Assistance
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